Spiedini Grill

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Looking for the perfect way to grill your Spiedini? Order your Standalone or BBQ Top Spiedini Grill and grill Spiedini to perfection...every time!

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Varieties and pack sizes of Spiedini sold separately.

Stainless Steel, Fits on Most BBQ Grills

Stainless Steel
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Stainless Steel, Standalone Charcoal Grill

Stainless Steel
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Easily placed on top of any BBQ, the Spiedini Grill makes cooking a breeze. The Grill enables you to cook your Spiedini to perfection! Dimensions: 23.5 cm x 58.42 cm (9.25” x 23”).


Truly a perfect accessory for any BBQ aficionado… The standalone grill, using charcoal, is perfect for grilling Spiedini easily and quickly – making you the king of Spiedini grilling!